How to contact me

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TARA Reincarnation

Tatjana Radovanovic Küchler
91, rue de la Servette (5th floor)
1202 Geneva

Telephone:  +41 (0)22 731 97 31

Open from Monday to Friday from 12h30 - 17h30 Saturday and Sunday closed.

Scheduling a Past life regression session

In case I have opened your appetite to know your past life you can contact me by phone. Please note I will under no circumstance take appointments per email or answer emails with questions in regards to a possible session. Please call the number below to make an appointment.

Please call 022 731 97 31, I am usually personally available from 11h45 - 13h00 for phone inquires from Monday to Thursday.

A past life regression takes in general 1h30 – 2h30 hours and at the end of the session there is a possibility to take home a recorded CD of the regression (please do mention if you want one before the session starts).

A session of 1h30 costs CHF 200.- , for 2h the cost is CHF 250.- and is expected to be paid in cash after each session .

My practice is in Geneva, Switzerland and I would be most happy to welcome you.

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